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Event Calendar

We provide an ongoing series of free, educational workshops, as well as client appreciation and referral events throughout the year. The topics range from: optimum methods to accumulate and grow your wealth, to best strategies for retirement income and proper estate planning. 

Below is a list of our upcoming events. Please feel free to contact our office by phone (208) 333-9584 or email to, in order to reserve your spot at an upcoming workshop. There is never any cost to attend and all attendees have the opportunity to request a free financial consultation at any of our workshops. We only ask that you are serious about your financial future and genuine in your desire to improve your situation!

March 7th 2020: 'Optimum IRA/401k Alternative' Bring-a-Friend Brunch

*The five built-in flaws of traditional retirement plans.

* The best retirement savings plan that no one has ever told you about.

* The best college savings plan that no one has ever told you about.

* The real impact of taxes and inflation on traditional retirement plans.

April 2020 (exact date and time to be announced): 'The Truth about Annuities and the Three Different Types of Money' Bring-a-Friend Brunch

* The 70/30 approach to investing.

* The power of guaranteed indexing in today's environment.

* Selecting the best Social Security claiming strategy.

* The importance of a guaranteed income plan in retirement.

Contact our office for event details and to reserve your spot.